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General Information

Written by ezrab on 20 Oct, 2003

Albania is one of Europe’s poorest countries, but it is blessed with a magnificent landscape. It has a large coastline that in the south, between Vlora and Saranda, consists of mountains and hills rising up from the sea. This region is known as the Albanian…Read More


Written by natureboy_08 on 13 Oct, 2006

"Journeys, like artists, are born and not made. A thousand differing circumstances contribute to them, few of them willed or determined by the will --whatever we may think." - Lawrence Durrell 1912-1990, British Author Durres, Albania. It is a surprise to us who were expecting…Read More

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Written by ezrab on 20 Oct, 2003

Vlora is another coastal town and, if I’m correct, the second largest city of the country. On of the main sightings is the little, but pretty mosque of Murad. It is right across from the bus station. When you’re in Vlora, it seems a good…Read More

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Written by ezrab on 20 Oct, 2003

The capital of Tirana still breathes an air of communism. One cannot circumvent the enormous boulevards in communist style and the impressive Skanderbeg Square. But, on the other hand, the city is just like any other. Skanderbeg Square for example is frequently used for a…Read More

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Written by ezrab on 20 Oct, 2003

I stayed in the Hotel Cajupi. The beds were reasonable, but it was extremely cold. I stayed there in January, and there was only a small heater, not sufficient for the entire room. The main sight of Gjirokaster is its citadel towering above the city,…Read More

Albanian Literature

Written by Surfsup on 19 May, 2002

Ismail Kadare is Albania's most famous writer. He writes very evocative and fascinating novels on Albania and it's people. Two excellent books are: "The General of the Dead Army". About an Italian general who returns after WWII to retrive the bodies of the Italians who died…Read More

Travel in Albania

Written by Katerina Nikolas on 03 Jan, 2011

Albania offers mountains, rivers, beautiful coastlines and a commercially un-spoilt environ to foreign visitors. Whilst many of the Albanian population have been trying to leave the country by whatever means over the last two decades, the country itself is now promoting tourism, which is a…Read More

New Year's in Albania

Written by leslieinalbania on 17 Mar, 2010

For those of you out there that really like to celebrate New Year's with fireworks, then Albania would be a good destination for you!! New Year's is one of the biggest holidays in Albania and they go all out. Starting in early December,…Read More

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The Albanian Way

Written by leslieinalbania on 17 Mar, 2010

When in Albania, the best thing to do is go for coffee. Now by coffee I don't mean only coffee. Going for coffee is going to get anything to drink. It's not what you drink that matters, its what you do while…Read More

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Just Go With It

Written by leslieinalbania on 25 Mar, 2009

While traveling in Albania you will notice many things. For one, there are not really bus stations. If you want to go somewhere you have to know where the bus or minivan leaves from or ask a local, but they might not even…Read More

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