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The Painted Lady PT. 2

Written by vampirefan on 01 Jan, 2006

John and I went with the Afternoon Tea each. I went with pekoe tea. John likes fruit teas and asked our waiter for a recommendation. He just looked at John and said, “Just go for the normal tea”. I was shocked and would have loved…Read More

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How I managed to have a stress-free Christmas

Written by vampirefan on 28 Dec, 2005

I had been, for some time now, wanting to do like many others and get away for Christmas. Like many others, I started to dread Christmas and all the merriment that went along with it. I knew that I shouldn’t think, “Oh, no, it was…Read More

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The Lion King Pt. 2

Written by vampirefan on 28 Dec, 2005

The Lion King is the tale of a young cub named Simba and his journey though life. Disobeying his father and going to a forbidden section of the land, his father searching for young Simba is crushed by a heard of moving wildebeests. Simba thinks…Read More

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Marriott Pt. 2

Written by vampirefan on 28 Dec, 2005

For guests staying on the 22nd floor and above you have access to the concierge room. Inside concierge Kirk Springer and his staff will be glad to assist guests with dinner reservations, directions, and other needs you might have. Drinks and snacks are available throughout…Read More

Historic Gloucester

Written by emilydo on 26 Aug, 2005

It was pretty quiet when we got there. This was a different kind of beautiful, not the mountain-scenery kind of beautiful but still the kind that makes you think way back when our founding fathers might have visited this place. You could almost imagine life…Read More

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