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The Grounds of A Grand Palace

Written by Jodeci527 on 18 Jun, 2013

The grounds of the Royal Palace of Phnom Penh, Cambodia was unlike anything I've ever seen in the Western World. The amount of love and devotion which is poured into the upkeep of the gardens and overall surroundings is exceedingly obvious, and the result of…Read More

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The King's in Town

Written by MichaelJM on 20 Nov, 2011

When we’d been on our City Tour (see separate journal) our guide had mentioned that at 4.00pm on 11th November the King of Cambodia and the Prime Minister would be turning off the flame in the independence monument. The Independence monument is a fantastic memorial…Read More

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A free day in town and a trip to market

Written by MichaelJM on 20 Nov, 2011

We had a free day in Phnom Penh and decided that we’d spend the morning visiting the local sights that hadn’t been incorporated into our planned itinerary with the tour company. So having spoken with our guide about what "was left to see" he came…Read More

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Bus Ride Through Cambodia

Written by Jodeci527 on 16 Nov, 2011

After visiting Phnom Penh, I was ready to head to Siem Reap, the town where travelllers stay when visiting the Temples of Angkor. According to my research, there were countless travel agents selling tickets for this popular route, on several different bus lines. The advertised…Read More

our first night in Phnom Phen

Written by MichaelJM on 12 Nov, 2011

We’d arranged our itinerary around the water festival so imagine our disappointment when we arrived in Phnom Penh to find that the event had been cancelled. Apparently the prime minister had decided that the money used for the event would be best used for helping…Read More

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The Museum, the Temple and the Russian Market

Written by nofootprint on 05 Apr, 2011

Our guide, Sopheak,planned our route and for our day trip around Phnom Penh. To be honest I was entertained just driving through this hectic city ,so foreign to me.Driving by the street venders I noticed some of the local food that looked pretty exotic…Read More

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Historic and Resilient Phnom Penh

Written by nofootprint on 05 Apr, 2011

We took the Mekong Express bus for $12.00 from Saigon. We arranged this online with Hotels-IN-Vietnam before leaving home although it would have been easy to do once we arrivedThe bus was comfortable and even included a snack and water.The guide on board was great…Read More

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Don't Do What I Did Travel Moment - Phnom Penh

Written by Battered Orange Suitcase on 02 Jan, 2010

I am thrilled, though appropriately embarrassed, to introduce my first "Don’t Do What I Did" (DDWID) oops! travel moment. While this little gem is a new addition to my fairly extensive body of work, I confess it’s grown on me.One recent afternoon in…Read More

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Choeung Ek (The Killing Fields)

Written by alan_nesbit on 06 Jul, 2006

I took a ride on a motorbike to get here, around 15km south of Phnom Penh. The roads are similar to Vietnam, although chaotic rather than anarchic. There is a preferred side of the road on which to drive (the right) and people do stick…Read More

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Tuol Sleng Museum

Written by alan_nesbit on 06 Jul, 2006

I was at school in the 1970s, when this ex-school was being used by the Khmer Rouge to interrogate (i.e. torture) thousands of Cambodians from all walks of life. Like most people, I was completely unaware of the apparently mindless cruelty being inflicted on the…Read More

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