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A Swedish Wedding

Written by Kun-chan on 20 Feb, 2004

The wedding itself seemed to be pretty much like a wedding in Australia. The limo didn't turn up on time, thinking that the wedding was an hour later, so the bride's family had to go get the bridal party and bring them in their cars.…Read More

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Written by Kun-chan on 15 Feb, 2004

Gothenburg, known as Göteborg (pronounced something like 'Yot-eh-borie' by the Swedish), is a beautiful old harbour town in the southwest of Sweden. My family and I travelled from Australia to Gothenburg to go to my brother's wedding, so our trip involved a lot of wedding preparations…Read More

Aberdeen - The best Gothenburg has ever seen

Written by WillieMiller on 17 Feb, 2005

Aberdeen was the greatest British football team of all time, and I had the honour of being their captain. The final itself took place in Gothenburg, which is a beautiful city. For first-time visitors, I would go to the Ullevi stadium for a tour.…Read More

Göteborgs Passet.

Written by Berghede on 10 Sep, 2003

For about 20 euro per adult and about 10 euro per child you can the Göteborg Pass, which gives you access to a host of experiences. Whether you want to see the sea and the bare cliffs, have fun at Liseberg amusement park, discover our…Read More

Explore West Sweden

Written by traveler124 on 24 Aug, 2009

I went to Sweden earlier this month - because Volvo paid for it! :) It was time to get a new car - so I found out about their Overseas Delivery program (http://carplusvacation.com/vod/) where you buy your car from Europe and you get to go…Read More

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