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Taliban in the Wakhan Corridor?

Written by fallschirmhosen on 03 May, 2010

When you think of Afghanistan, you probably think of wars, maybe Al Qaeda, and maybe the Taliban. Basically, you probably think of bad things. The Wakhan Corridor, however, has historically been known as an area that was free from any of the troubles…Read More

Crossing the Afghanistan Border at Ishkashim

Written by fallschirmhosen on 03 May, 2010

Many tourists to Tajikistan pass by this border crossing as they tour the Tajik side of the Wakhan Valley, not thinking twice about whether or not they want to cross. For many, the name "Afghanistan" is enough to make them stay far, far away.…Read More

Getting to the Ishkashim Border from Dushanbe (Tajikistan)

Written by fallschirmhosen on 03 May, 2010

There are two ways to get from Dushanbe to Ishkashim: entirely by road, or a combination plane/road route. Both routes have their pros and cons.The road route is a brutal two-stage run, first from Dushanbe to Khorog, and then Khorog to Ishkashim. The…Read More

Memorable Afghans

Written by Overlander on 28 Sep, 2001

Mohammed the Bacha While I was staying in Kabul, I came in contact with a lot people. Now, nearly thirty years later, only a few stick in my mind. They are the memorable ones, the ones I'll never forget. One was the bacha at the…Read More

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Kabul to Bamiyan -- Part II

Written by Overlander on 28 Sep, 2001

The Bamiyan Valley I shall never forget the approach to Bamiyan. After hours of pitching and rolling our way along the way, we finally came down off a hilly plateau and off in the distance were trees edging a river, a sizable-looking town of mud-brick…Read More

Kabul to Bamiyan -- Part I

Written by Overlander on 28 Sep, 2001

When I think of Afghanistan, I remember a poor but proud country that was just able to keep its head above water. In 1972 when I was last there, King Zahir Shah was still on the throne. The government controlled the main cities along the…Read More


Written by Vicel on 02 Mar, 2007

Panjshir is a famous, picturesque, narrow strip of valley northeast of Kabul. It is a heavyweight province in the Afghan political arena attributed to it being the home of Massoud, the national hero of Afghanistan.  Panjshir, under the leadership of Massoud, was a haven for…Read More

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the whys and where...

Written by husain on 02 Oct, 2002

26th of august- we set off for a two week assignment to afghanistan. a shoot that would involve travelling to kabul and then to kandahar, where we were shooting with american troops at the military base for a 9/11 anniversary special... i was part of a…Read More

Seven Unforgettable Days in Afghanistan

Written by jorgejuan on 12 May, 2006

The remains of the two Buddha statues of the Bamiyan Valley and the frescoes in its mountain caves are in the UNESCO World Heritage List. One of these two figures was the highest carved Buddha sculpture in the world before been destroyed by the Taliban.I…Read More

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