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Stories and Tips Mifflinburg

Mifflinburg -- Buggy Day

Written by Zstrick on 04 Aug, 2003

This annual event lasts a day (used to last three) where you can walk Market St. and shop around for old antiques, and Central Pennsylvania crafts. Fabulous food is served by the loyal West Union Area Lions Club. Buggy Rides are offered all day long,…Read More

Mifflinburg -- Christkindl Market

Written by Zstrick on 04 Aug, 2003

Mifflinburg's version of an authentic Christmas Market, inspired by the 700-year-old traditional German Christkindl Market, or Christ Child Market, is a festive event prepared by various churches, organizations, schools, and residents. For three days, Mifflinburg's Market Street, with its many churches, is lined with…Read More

Mifflinburg -- A History

Written by Zstrick on 04 Aug, 2003

The quaint little town of Mifflinburg owes its origins to Elias and Catharina Jungman (Youngman), who bought land in the middle of the Buffalo Valley and had it surveyed, speculating the development of a town. They moved here from Reading with their two children,…Read More

Mifflinburg -- Union Country Quick Facts

Written by Zstrick on 04 Aug, 2003

Population, 2001 estimate 41,701 Persons under 5 years old, percent, 2000 4.8% Persons under 18 years old, percent, 2000 20.1% Persons 65 years old and over, percent, 2000 13.4% Female persons, percent, 2000 44.7% White persons, percent, 2000 (a) 90.1% Living in same…Read More

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