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Airline Upgrades | Flat Flying, Private Planes & More

Posted on July 24, 2012 in Travel News

Another month, another set of upgrades. A private plane, laying down, and premium status are all the rage among fliers this time around. As we get geared up to take that last vacation in August or have that last wedding in September, airline upgrades are just as relevant as ever.

American Airlines
is ready to offer lie-down flat beds in some of their New York to California flights. They will be the first airline in the US to offer this service on domestic flights. Some airlines already offer flat beds on international flights.

Both JetBlue and Virgin America are revamping their frequent flier rewards. The airlines will be offering more and more elite perks to frequent fliers and will be following many airlines in rewarding not only the first class elite members but all frequent customers. They have not announced exactly what the new plans will be, but free luggage checks and private security lines are in line to be part of the rewards.

The stories have been swirling about the private plane under $1000 per month. SurfAir plans to make this available to Californians with a three price point plan based on the amount of reservations per month you can hold. The airline will offer flights to cities in the area such as Las Vegas and San Diego.

No matter where you are going, check out our cheap flights and start your travels with IgoUgo!

Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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