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Our Favorite Lakes in America

Our Favorite Lakes in America Photo

Photo by caseallen

Posted on July 19, 2012 in Trip Ideas

USA Today is running a contest to determine what their readers believe is the best lake in America. A handful of travel gurus pitched their ideas for what constitutes as their ideal lake and websurfers can head on over to their site to vote on their favorite. While we loved most of the waterholes they chose, we noticed some of our favorite lakes were missing from the list. Our members agree, so check out our favorite 5 lakes (in no particular order) in the United States below.

Crater Lake
Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

"Crater Lake is simply impossible to see or photograph without looking positively pristine with vivid colors and sharp lines." -nmagann

Avalanche Lake
Glacier National Park, Montana

"This beautiful bowl of a lake is fed by a collection of glacier-draining streams that plunge down the mountainside." -callen60

White Rock Lake
Dallas, Texas

"White Rock Lake is the place to go running, rollerblading, or cycling on a sunny afternoon in Dallas." -barbara

Lake Superior
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan

"This is one of my favorite places on earth. As a Midwesterner, I know how easy it would be to spend a lifetime exploring the Great Lakes." -callen60

Bear Lake
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

"The color of the lake gradually changed its color, of course due to the sunlight directing at the best angle and where you view it, from unattractive dirt green to alluring vivid navy blue." -Clovery

Don't see your favorite lake listed? Write a review and tell us all about it!

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Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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