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Photos of the Week: Nautical by Nature

Photos of the Week: Nautical by Nature Photo

Photo by phileasfogg

Posted on June 15, 2012 in Photos

IgoUgo member phileasfogg spurred our watery wanderlust with her gorgeous photos of a houseboat trip on Lake Nageen in India this week. Between the intricately designed interior and the beauty of the lake, we were in a frenzy searching for houseboating trips in the area. Staying in a luxurious cabin moored on a lake in India seems like just about the perfect vacation right now.

The waters of the world have inspired travel since the beginning of man and ships and boating still remain a viable mode of transportation. Kayaks, barges, junks; all types of boats exist for any different purpose. Whether it is for recreation, travel, or sport, boating is common all around the world. And as phileasfogg showed us, it can provide a beautiful getaway. However, the boat doesn't stop here, and we dug out some other amazing photos that our members' have contributed that display the glory of the seven seas.

Ship in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Photo by lovethecaribbean.

Sailboats in Greece. Photo by pointofnoreturn.

Boats in Thailand. Photo by st33lz.

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Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

Comment by Sunny Traveler on June 15, 2012

What is the name of the ship sailing out of the Grenadines?

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