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The Great American Road Trip Week 1: New England

The Great American Road Trip Week 1: New England Photo

Photo by HF Hobson

Posted on June 11, 2012 in Trip Ideas

There is nothing that screams American travel like the road trip. Jump in, crank up the radio and drive until you don’t feel like driving anymore. Get a hotel, sleep and repeat. The summer beckons travelers to hit the highways and explore places they have never seen before. There are so many great sights to see in the United States, and we have taken it upon ourselves this summer to show just how amazing they can be.

We’ve started a new series, hopping from state to state in true road trip fashion to showcase the natural, urban, and all-around majestic beauty of America. Each state gets two of our favorite photographs from our members that have braved the traffic and sometimes inclement weather to see everything there is to offer. We started in Maine and over the next 8 weeks will show you why the United States invites millions of tourists to our country each year.

Magnificent Maine- home to the beautiful Acadia National Park, charming Kennebunkport and lots and lots of lobster, The Pine Tree State is rife with natural beauty. Our photos represent Cadillac Mountain- where you can see the sun rise and touch the first spots of US soil each day, and Portland Head lighthouse- the icon of Maine's nautical lifestyle.

Sunrise from Cadillac Mountain Portland Lighthouse

   Photo by Dave Lapha                                                                                         Photo by ccavan

New Hampshire
We head west and climb into the White Mountains to see the bucolic countryside of New Hampshire. Road trippers will delight on the mountain roads with their great views of the peaks in The Granite State. Kancamagus Highway is a phenomenal place to put down the sunroof; it is dotted with covered bridges and river views of the mountains.

Covered Bridge Mountain View

   Photo by Muchmor                                                                                             Photo by Muchmor

Departing the White Mountains due west to the Green Mountain State offers tantalizing scenery for the avid hiker. With part of the Appalachian Trail running through it, Vermont is an outdoors-man's dream. We love the stunning scenery of Lake Champlain and the quaint Vermont countryside.

Lake Champlain Vermont Countryside

   Photo by Mr. Wonka                                                                                           Photo by Jplus569

Boston and its colonial history, Martha's Vineyard and its upscale beaches- The Bay State offers a dichotomy of the American dream. The Old State House in Bean Town reminds us of our roots, and Gay Head in the Vineyard reminds us of our dreams. And there is nothing more American than baseball- check out Fenway Park for a rabid experience.

Old State House Gay Head- Martha's Vineyard

   Photo by Mr. Carmen                                                                                          Photo by mtemail

Rhode Island
The Ocean State and its gorgeous summer homes of the rich and famous are sights to behold. Sailing is a popular pastime- you don't need to have an experience at many of the marinas. And no trip to Rhode Island would be complete without a taste of some local clam chowder- the Black Pearl in Newport is divine.

Sailing on the Harbor Back Porch of a Newport Mansion

   Photo by Mr. lharri                                                                                         Photo by LorenGul

Travelers find that the western neighbor of Rhode Island is brimming with history; it is nicknamed The Constitution State after all. A lively seaport culture, historic universities, state parks and casinos to boot make the drive through Connecticut an eclectic experience.

Mystic Seaport Gillette Castle

   Photo by NJdudette                                                                                               Photo by Muchmor

Up next week: The Mid-Atlantic region- NYC, Philly, D.C, & more!

Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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