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Our Favorite Summer Travel Apps

Our Favorite Summer Travel Apps Photo

Photo by Mr. Wonka

Posted on June 5, 2012 in Travel Tips

To us summer means hopping off the couch and jumping in the car to take a good old fashioned road trip. Our destinations vary (possibly carhenge this year) but usually involve a good National Park or two. The warm weather really gives us the travel bug- and luckily with the massive amount of technology available nowadays, finding an app that amplifies your vacation is easy. Check out our recommendations for our favorite apps as we hit the road this summer. Oh yeah, and they are all free or have a lite option; you know how much we love to spend money on other things like air-brushed t-shirts!

5.) Gasbuddy
This app spans any smartphone and makes it easy to find the cheapest gas as you are cruising. Since gas prices vary from state to state and even city to city, save a few bucks on your tank and use it to buy an extra souvenir beer koozie.

Peaks is pretty fun and informative when you are hitting the hills. Just point your phone’s camera at the mountains and it will give you the names of the mountains in the range! Pretty crazily accurate and fun to use when you get to the foothills.

3.) License Plate Game
The traditional game for passing time in the car, this app lets you keep track of which ones you have seen and which ones you have left. Great for keeping the kids occupied or when you roadtrip with your ultra-competitive friends.

2.) Backpacker GPS Trails
Find out the best hikes and campgrounds in your area and keep track of the trail you have conquered. You can create your own trips or go off of a pro’s advice; and no need to carry your GPS or worry about getting lost as this app does all of that for you.

1.) Your phone’s off button
Seriously, as much as we love technology and to have everything we possibly need at our fingertips, we love the warm weather and being one with nature. Turn off your phone and experience everything around you-whether it is your family, friends, or the fish you just caught.

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Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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