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IgoUgo's Guide to the Transit of Venus

IgoUgo's Guide to the Transit of Venus Photo

Photo by Binaya

Posted on June 4, 2012 in Travel News

On Tuesday and Wednesday, most of the world will get to experience an awesome astronomical observation. Venus gets to scoot its little orbit in front of the sun; a rare occurrence that only happens every 100 years or so. This phenomenon comes in twos- the last happened in 2004, but the next won’t show up until 2117, and most of us won’t be attending that party so best get your viewing on while we are still above ground.

About ¼ of the world won’t be able to see any of the eclipse, so we recommend packing (lightly) and jetting away to see it. If you don’t know where to go- fret not, we’ve compiled our favorite places to catch the best view of Venus.

June 5- Beginning of transit until sunset
As the sun sets on the 5th, the US, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, and parts of Canada and South America can witness the second rock from the sun dancing in front of it.

We recommend: Going-to-the-Sun-Road, Montana
They don’t call it Big Sky Country for nothing. With clear vistas and beautiful sunsets, this road will offer a show like no other. One of the most scenic drives in America, this highway offers views of the sunset high in the mountains of Glacier National Park.

June 5 & 6- Entire Transit
Most of the Pacific, Eastern Asia and Australia, and Western Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii will get the pleasure of seeing the entire transit- from when it first crosses the sun until it leaves stage right.

Tongagiro Crossing. Photo by manumombo

We recommend: Owakudani Nature Trail, Japan
Not only does this trail get you up above the restricted views of the sun, it offers a great view of the sun over Mt. Fuji.

We recommend: National Museum of the Philippines, Philippines
The museum houses a grand planetarium that will let you view the transit safely through their telescope so we hear.

We recommend: Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand
Again, a very high point of the country, Tongariro gives you a great view of the sun as well as the fun of trying to say its name five times fast.

June 6- Sunrise until end of transit
Most of Europe, the Middle East, Western Australia and Oceania and Central and Eastern Africa get to see the climax of the show as Venus disappears to get her beauty sleep for another 100 years.

We recommend: Patara Beach, Turkey
Might as well make a beach day out if it. The beach is absolutely beautiful anyways, so getting out there to see this astronomic display will make your day one to remember.

No transit
Southern and Eastern South America, Western Africa, and Portugal get nada.

We recommend: checking out a super cheap flight to any of the aforementioned destinations!

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Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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