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Strange and Unique Summer Festivals

Strange and Unique  Summer Festivals Photo

Photo by Troobabiee7

Posted on May 21, 2012 in Trip Ideas

Now that we are rolling into the warmer weather, a good event is always something we are looking for here at IgoUgo. We’ve done the Cherry Blossom Festival, Shakespeare Festival, and Diwali; we were looking for some more trip ideas when we were tipped off about some crazy festivals coming up. And we know that like us, our members love a good off-the-path festival too, such as Euroazz’s trip to the Cockroach Races. After digging around a little bit, we set up a great summer itinerary for all of the bizarro travelers out there.

Air Guitar Championships- May (Month-long)
Canberra, Australia

Unleash your inner Axl Rose, Janis Joplin, or Jimmy Paige in this month long air guitar-off. With three consecutive weeks of elimination rounds before the grand finale on the last Saturday in May, you’re bound to party like a rockstar down under. The event is held at the Canberra Irish Club and all are welcome to enter.

World Nettle-Eating Competition- June
Marshwood, UK

The word ‘nettle’ evokes stinginy, rashny, unpleasant pain, but this competition pits contestants against each other who actually want to down these harsh herbs. Yeah, we don’t really get it either, but it is probably fun to watch.

Surf Dog Competition- June 16
Coronado, CA

Dogs on a surfboard. We probably don’t need to say more, but this local event hosted by the Loews Coronado Bay Resort puts dogs in three categories and dares them to hang ten as they raise money for charity. Dogs can enter the small or large dog category, or can go tandem with their owner.

Kwita Izina (Name a Gorilla)- June 16
Kinigi, Rwanda

The main focus of this conference is lectures and conventions of conservation, espeicllay in this region of Africa. But the main reason we were interested is because this event is when they name all the baby gorillas that were born on the reserve during the past year.

Annual Mooning of Amtrak- July 14
Laguna Niguel, CA

Pretty self-explanatory, this impromptu event requests participants to drop trou to the passing by Amtrak train. The event lasts into the night to further reinforce the meaning of ‘mooning’.

Near-Death Experience Festival- July 28
Vigo, Spain

For this festival, travelers and locals alike that have experienced near-day parade around the city, often in coffins carried by their friends and family. Sounds like a party to us!

Miss Crustacean Hermit- August 1
Ocean City
, NJ
This beauty contest pits crab against crab in a face-off to see who can capture the crown and title of Miss Crustacean Hermit. Costumes are made and designed for the crabs, and competitors of all ages are welcome to enter.

Mobile Phone Throwing Contest-August 18
Savonlinna, Finland

Wind ‘er up and let her fly! Flex your muscles and participate in one of many categories based on the approach of the throw or age group. If you have ever felt the need to smash your phone to pieces, this event might be for you.

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Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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