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Hats Off to the Kentucky Derby

Hats Off to the Kentucky Derby Photo

Photo by andee506

Posted on May 2, 2012 in Photos

The 138th annual Kentucky Derby is this weekend and thousands of people will be flocking to Louisville to watch the race. The derby is the first round of the Triple Crown; the Super Bowl of horse racing. People from all walks of life attend the event, and one thing that always crosses spectators minds is "What should I wear?" As SoCalDave puts it, "First of all, for you ladies, you must have a hat. Typically the bigger the better. Usually, you will want to have large plastic flowers adorning your hat. To go with your hat, you will want a nice dress or pants suit. Elegance is definitely the way to go for this race, unless you are in the in field where girls lifting their shirts are much more common.For the gentlemen, hats are also fairly popular. Most gentlemen are wearing sports coats and ties in a conservative but comfortable manner. However, there is a large group of men who strive to wear the loudest most colorful sports coats known to mankind. It is not that uncommon to see green, pink, orange, and yellow all in the same coat."

The stakes are infamous for the fashion of the attendees, especially for big hats.  However, our members have found that big hats do not only exist at the Kentucky Derby, but are dispersed at all places around the world.

Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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