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Setting Sail | More Luxury Cruise Options Photo

Photo by chongra

Posted on April 30, 2012 in Cruises

As cruise vacations gain more and more popularity, some cruise lines are providing extensive trips for those wanting more time at sea. While most travelers associate cruises with four or five days jaunts through locales such as the Caribbean or around Alaska, cruisers will soon be able to experience full-fledged bi-hemisphere trips and luxurious culinary sails.

Holland America recently put forth plans for a near-50 day trip in 2013 that will cruise vacationers from south Florida to the Amazon and back. The boat will feature stops in more than a dozen Brazilian cities as well as ports throughout the Caribbean. A shorter trip will also be available.

Oceania Cruises is pushing off with famous chefs on board for luxurious food and wine cruises. Two separate 10 day cruises will feature a famous chef on board as the liners cruise the Mediterranean. The trips are set for October departures.

An Australian billionaire has recently announced plans to recreate the Titanic and its voyage from Southampton to New York City. The new Titanic cruiser will be upgraded with the latest technology but still replicate the plans of the original ship (with more lifeboats). The Aussie real estate guru will construct the ship in China.

Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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