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Celebrate National Volunteer Week | Voluntourism Around the Globe

Celebrate National Volunteer Week | Voluntourism Around the Globe Photo

Photo by nikkiw

Posted on April 18, 2012 in Best of Travel

This week is National Volunteer Week here in the states and we firmly believe that there is no better way to give back than through volunteering. Whether it is for a humanitarian effort, disaster relief, or animal shelter, volunteering can be done by anyone no matter what your interests. Volunteer Week started in 1974, and since then has grown with the help of everyone from government officials to big businesses. The support of these organizations, as well as the thousands of people who volunteer their time and energy has made National Volunteer Week a positive and inspirational experience.

Travel does not escape the volunteering realm either, and many of our members have found ways to give back to different cultures and the earth while trekking around the globe.

Tammyhayano volunteered for tsunami relief in Thailand on the island of Phi Phi. She says of her experience, “The energy of the volunteers here is unbelievable. The people who've been here for 2 months, 2 weeks, or just 2 days-- they are all absolutely committed to help the Thai people.”

In Guatemala, nikkiw volunteered building houses for the local people. “In only two and a half days, my group and I were able to construct this small structure. To us, this one-room home seemed simple and none of us could ever imagine this small space being a sufficient home. However to the family, this house meant a safe and sturdy roof over their heads.”

Volunteering for the Mountain Fund in Kathamandu, JennMtnFund spent some time during her Asian travels to help other in the area. The Fund offers many different programs to anyone in the area who wants to help out. JennMtnFund asks travelers in the area, “If you're staying in or around Kathmandu, and have a few extra days of free-time on your trip, why not spend it volunteering and giving back to this wonderful community?”

After Hurricane Isidore hit the Yucatan Peninsula in 2002, dosgringos spent their vacation in Rancho Komchen de los Pajaros helping rebuild the ecotourism lodge. They contacted the owner  and “…When she described the state of the ranch, we thought that she might be able to use two able-bodied Canadian "boys" to help put things back together. If you could ever cry in an e-mail . . . well, let’s just say we gave the best Christmas present in a long while."

And it doesn’t stop here. Millions of people pay it forward every day. If you have a great volunteer travel experience let us know and write a journal about it!
Travelocity’s Travel for Good program connects travelers with volunteer opportunities abroad. Find out more about it here.
And you don’t have to be traveling to do good for others! To find any volunteer program in your own neighborhood, look here.

Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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