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Bigger, Better Museums | Renovations of some Famous World Museums

Bigger, Better Museums | Renovations of some Famous World Museums Photo

Photo by frangliz

Posted on April 16, 2012 in Travel News

Museums attract millions of visitors to specific cities each year. It’s easy to see why these buildings are popular attractions; they can contain thousands of things to see in a single visit. A few museums around the world are due or nearly finished with major upgrades and renovations, so seeing those artifacts just became a little easier.

The Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam is currently slated to undergo major renovations that will reopen in 2013. The cause for the renovations is to bring modernity to the museum and have it in speed with new technology. The current building was erected in 1885, and only one painting will remain in its current location. The renovations will allow an estimated 300,000- 700,000 guests per year to visit the museum. Until its reopening, the most famous pieces will be the only art on display.

The National Museum of American History in Washington D.C. is renovating its West Wing starting this year. Like the Rijksmuseum, the renovation will bring new technology to the old wing, including wireless internet. Two exhibits remain open in a new location, while the majority will be closed until the completion of the project in early 2014.

In New York City, the Brooklyn Museum will unveil the recently reconstructed Great hall on April 19th. The renovation brought about a new gift shop, and will include a new restaurant in the future. The main idea behind the renovation was to make the museum more pedestrian-friendly and to offer a more coherent tour. A new exhibition “Connecting Cultures: A World in Brooklyn” will accompany the opening ceremony.

The Palais de Tokyo in Paris, which houses the largest collection of modern art in Europe, opened last Thursday after a renovation that increase the size by almost threefold. The renovation made use of the Palais’s basement which sat empty for more than fifteen years. The museum is now more interactive as well; the unfinished look that greeted visitors was intentional, and the dust and drywall is part of a new exhibit.

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Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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