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Opening Days of Floriade | A Celebration of Nature in The Netherlands

Opening Days of Floriade | A Celebration of Nature in The Netherlands Photo

Photo by Vicho

Posted on April 9, 2012 in Travel News

An event that only happens once every ten years is bound to bring in hoards of visitors from all over the world. The Floriade 2012 Festival started just last week in Venlo, The Netherlands and runs over 7 months into October. The festival is a celebration of the beauty and interaction of nature; the park is separated into different themes areas accessible by cable-cars. The calendar includes a wide variety of events that are scattered throughout the celebrations; from Floriade Fashion Week (May 7- May 13) to The Taste of Floriade (September 29- October 7), the events draw in every type of person. The Floriade Festival is always considered as one of the World Horticulture Expo’s exhibits, and draws over 2 million travelers each time it is celebrated.

The central lake in one of the sections of the park,

IgoUgo member Globe was lucky enough to travel to this wonderful jubilee last time it was held and reviewed it  in their journal, Amsterdam and Around:
“Holland is known for its amazing tulips, and once every ten years, you can see thousands of them all in one place. Floriade is a huge garden show that occurs only once every ten years in some part of the Netherlands. In 2002, it was held in Harlemmermeer, near Amsterdam. The park covers 65 acres and has amazing floral displays for every interest. One section has exhibits from countries around the world, showcasing typical plants and flowers from these areas.

Some of the spring flowers in bloom

Another section is more educational, with museum-like exhibits. Pick up a map on your way in to make sure you see everything. The most breathtaking spot was the area with typical Dutch flowers. As far as you could see, tulips and hyacinths of all colors and sizes bloomed in their full splendor.”

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Check out Floriade’s official site to learn more about this year’s event!

Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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