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April Showers | Rainy Day Photos from Around the Globe

April Showers | Rainy Day Photos from Around the Globe Photo

Photo by ushakiran

Posted on April 2, 2012 in Photos

April showers bring May flowers- or in our case, some fantastic member photos! The phrase April showers is a common way of describing the rainy spring in the northern hemisphere. The heavy periods of rain are due to the jet stream moving northward allowing for large storms to form, especially in Northern and Western Europe. Luckily for us, the inclement weather does not deter our members from taking beautiful photographs. In fact, storm clouds make some of the best backdrops for some of the world’s most stunning scenery. Check out some of our favorite precipitous pictures below and upload your best photos to share with the IgoUgo Community!

Photo by ak1

Photo by btwood2

Photo by kakobb

Photo by KellySenn

Photo by Liam Hetherington

Photo by StephanieChambers

Photo by thetruth734

Photo by two cruisers

Photo by midtownmjd

Photo by Machair1

Photo by ender3

Photo by allain

Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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