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Top 10 Hot Dogs in the US

Top 10 Hot Dogs in the US Photo

Photo by Craig Randall

Posted on August 24, 2007 in Trip Ideas

Summer may be coming to a close, but we’re not going to let go of the dog days so fast—at least, the hot dog days. When we do close the grill for the last time, though, we’ll head to the 10 places IgoUgo travelers say serve the best franks in the country.

1. Portillo’s, Chicago
lo7la says: “A trip to Chicago would not be complete without a visit to Portillo’s. The hotdogs are all beef and are definitely the best in town. The cup of hot gold might not be real cheese, but darn, it's good.”

2. Nathan’s Famous, New York
baseballbrat says: “Take a subway ride out to Coney Island and visit the original Nathan’s. Sure, you can get their hot dogs at airports and malls throughout the country now, but they taste different in New York.”

3. Pink’s, Los Angeles
UCLArocks says: “Who knew you can fit two hot dogs in one bun (The Today Show Dog)? There's even a crazy option with three hot dogs in a tortilla (Three Dog Night). At the last minute I saw somebody order a Spicy Polish Dog, and that made up my mind.”

4. Puka Dog, Lihue, HI
BeTheBuddha says: “Located in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shopping center, Puka Dog’s homemade buns are spiked and warmed from the inside out before the bun is filled with a secret garlic-lemon sauce and topped with a veggie dog or a polish sausage—and star fruit, mango, or papaya relish.”

5. Hot Doug’s, Inc., Chicago
ext212 says: “Not only do they have the classic Chicago-style dog but they also have the Elvis (with Polish sausage) and the occasional game—I had the alligator dog with blue cheese. Order a ‘gourmet’ hot dog with duck-fat fries and a tall glass of Coke, and you won't regret it.”

6. Jim’s Ole Time Hot Dogs, Cary, NC
RoBoNC says: “Aside from the Southern Red Dog (made with red dye and a mixture of pork and beef), customers keep coming back due to the warm and funny personality of Jim Rivers, the owner and operator. Jim greets most of his repeat customers by name and can usually make their hot dogs without asking how they want them.”

7. The Dog Out, San Ramon, CA
SFPhotocraft says: “My dad was in the hot-dog business, and I am always on the lookout for the perfect hot dog. The minute you walk in here, you feel this is going to be a fun meal. On our last visit, we had five kids with us, and the manager came around with free ice cream for everyone!”

8. All American Cafe, Cooperstown, NY
thewanderingpoet518 says: “We had a couple of Old Slugger beers, root beers, three hot dogs with chips, macaroni salad, slaw, and nachos—the only thing missing was the stadium.”

9. The Wiener’s Circle, Chicago
B238 says: “I lived across from The Wiener’s Circle for a year and never got tired of going there. It looks like a shack from the outside, but it’s better than normal fast food and the fries are good. The real reason to go there is for the laughs.”

10. Wright’s Dairy Rite, Staunton, VA
zabelle says: “Open since 1952, this classic drive-in restaurant has had car hop service since its inception. Inside, there’s a phone at every booth to call in your order. Now, it took us a while to figure this out, but once we did it was great fun. Their dogs come in regular size and Dogzilla, a 1/3-pound dog served on a sub bun.”

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