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Traveler of the Week: A Garden Grows in Delhi

Traveler of the Week: A Garden Grows in Delhi Photo

Photo by phileasfogg

Posted on March 9, 2012 in Traveler of the Week

In preparation for the spring garden season, IgoUgo takes a moment to offer some welcomed inspiration. This week we visit The Garden of Five Senses courtesy of member phileasfogg . This journal, Indulging the Five Senses in Delhi, takes us through the pleasures of the park. In words and photos, she shares the sights, sounds and fragrances of this rare garden.

"The Garden of Five Senses was inaugurated in 2003, the culmination of a long project spearheaded by Delhi Tourism and involving a large number of public sector and private organisations. The gardens, just a little way down the road from the Saket Metro Station, today spread over about 20 acres of landscaped area.

Photo by phileasfogg

Paths wind in and out of groves of bamboo, beside privet hedges, along stands of agave with pretty green-yellow flowers. There are trees of Mexican silk cotton, leafless in the late autumn and covered with flamboyant pink and cream blooms. There are bougainvilleas, flowering magenta, pink, peach and yellow. There are pots of chrysanthemums. There are flowerbeds, filled with nasturtiums, pansies and more in spring.

Photo by phileasfogg

All of that, of course, is very typical of most gardens. What sets the Garden of Five Senses apart is that an attempt has been made to make it not just pretty to look at and pleasingly fragrant, but also kind on the other senses. Sculptures by a number of Indian and international artists dot the gardens, and visitors are encouraged to touch the works.

Photo by phileasfogg

Then there are the chimes. On an island in the middle of a lotus pond stands a Christmas tree-like structure hung with bells and wind chimes. One little gust of breeze, and everything starts tinkling delightfully."

Photo by phileasfogg

Posted by Nik'sMom (Terre Grilli)

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