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Edinburgh International Festival: Fringe Benefits

Edinburgh International Festival: Fringe Benefits Photo

Photo by Red Mezz

Posted on August 20, 2007 in Trip Ideas

It started 60 years ago as “a platform for the flowering of the human spirit,” and today, the Edinburgh International Festival is as vibrant as ever, overflowing with performers and spectators of all kinds. The Festival itself is a 3-week event showcasing Scottish artists of every conceivable talent range. At the same time, all along the streets, those not able to get a permanent gig at the International Festival can and do hawk their skills at the Fringe Festival. Some are, perhaps, of dubious quality, but that is what makes the Festival, and the Fringe in particular, so much fun. IgoUgo members embody the flowering of the human spirit as they offer up some useful intel on the events.

The Fringe is described as a “madhouse” by smacdoug, who insists that, despite the crowds, everything is “not all disorganized chaos.” He says that part of the appeal is the helter-skelter of the free entertainment and the surprise hits; he loved the show he saw staged in the ominously-titled “Underbelly.”

CatMacLeod describes the Fringe as “one big party” and suggests planning your evening festivities with the help of guides printed in all the dailies. Or you could forgo the evening shows and wing it like sjmclaughlin. She immerses herself in the Fringe, taking in all the free entertainment, mostly comedic—or at least intended to be—and finds some great acts amongst the, well, not-so-great.

According to dawn, Edinburgh’s must-see August event is the Military Tattoo. A large-scale, full-dress military display, the Tattoo is more pageant than power, and more beauty than brawn. It demonstrates bands, performers, and soldiers from armed forces around the world. Tickets for the Tattoo are a hot commodity, so try to book early. However, if you’re like lisalund and don’t get around to planning everything ahead of time, there’s still plenty for latecomers to do. The Festival has already started, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find great deals to get there!

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