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Skate Your Way Into Winter

Posted on February 4, 2012 in Trip Ideas

If we believe Punxsutawney Phil ‘s Groundhog Day prediction, then we have 6 more weeks of winter. One way to enjoy the remaining days of the season is to lace up those ice skates. From Shimla, India to the Zocalo in Mexico City and even Red Square in Moscow, if you’ve got frozen water, you have a winter sport that is enjoyed all over the world. Here in New York we have what might be one of the most famous skate rinks in the country, the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink, which is celebrating its 75th year. London has rinks at both Somerset House and Hampton Court. At Ottawa Canada’s Winterlude Festival (February 3 to 20), skate on the frozen over Rideau Canal Skateway.

Photo by michaelhudson

Zocalo square in Mexico City becomes one of the world’s largest rinks. With approximately 5,000 skaters daily, you need to get there early to obtain your free admission bracelet.

Photo by Paolo1899

For year-round skating, try the synthetic rink at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, where the polymer “ice” is not dependent on the temperature.

Whether it’s people watching or participating yourself, ice skating is a great way to take a break from a hectic sightseeing schedule or a fun activity for a staycation in your own hometown.

Posted by Nik'sMom (Terre Grilli)

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