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Photos of the Week: Stone Still

Photos of the Week: Stone Still Photo

Photo by Willie Wandrag

Posted on January 20, 2012 in Photos

Statues like Michaelangelo's David are a part of our historical consciousness. When somebody we know makes a reference to the piece, we know what he's talking about, and we know that its name is a kind of shorthand for the Renaissance. There are many great works the world over that could have matched its prominence, but sadly, we left them to the experts. A couple of our photographers tried to right that fact with evidence of overlooked treasures. Our Photos of the Week are signs of a steady hand.

The Kirstenbosch gardens, in Cape Town, have a statue that watches the scene. Though we're not exactly sure who the odd bearded man is, we're certain his society was a great one. Kudos to Willie Wandrag for spotting him in the grass.

Photo by Owen Lipsett

A lesser-known statue in the famous Louvre is the sculpture of Psyche and Eros. By showing us the love that blossomed between the heart and the mind, our own Owen Lipsett displayed our Classical heritage. Bonus points for readers who can tell us why they were kissing.

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Posted by tdbeckwith (Thom Beckwith)

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