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Starbucks & Projectile Fish: Pike Place Turns 100

Starbucks & Projectile Fish: Pike Place Turns 100 Photo

Photo by fallschirmhosen

Posted on August 17, 2007 in Trip Ideas

One hundred years ago today, Pike Place Market officially started its reign as the oldest continually running market of its kind in the country. More than just a utilitarian farmers’ market for locals, this Seattle standby has become a destination in its own right, featuring flying fish, bountiful bouquets, and the very first of the pervasive Starbucks coffeehouses. Naturally, IgoUgo members have been there to report about the various goings-on and share their favorite parts of this national landmark.

Despite enjoying the spectacle that occurs in the fresh fish market, fallschirmhosen had his doubts about the acrobatics for which the fishmongers, whom billmoy aptly describes as “the Harlem Globetrotters of the fish world,” are famed. But while this game of catch may be, well, fishy, the rest of the market certainly serves a purpose: shopping! Traveler gsysimon took note of the specialty stores like Big Boys Toys and showed off his gourmet side by suggesting a stop at Daily Dozen Donuts.

Meanwhile, elusivone had some issues on the way in but ultimately found that the biggest problem was not having enough time to see everything. It’s a much less embarrassing problem, we have to admit, than Idaho native tiffanyrooprai encountered.

Whatever your yen—fish or frappuccinos, petunias or performance art—you’ll find a reason to celebrate the centennial of this Pacific Northwest icon…and return to tell us all about it, of course.

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