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Photos of the Week: In the Mirror

Photos of the Week: In the Mirror Photo

Photo by Praskipark

Posted on January 5, 2012 in Photos

It's common for major artists to have paintings more famous than they are. In the case of Vincent Van Gogh, for example, you can recognize Starry Night -- but there's a very good chance you can't say much about the painter behind the image. The same thing is true of Salvador Dali, whose picture of reflected elephants is a fixture of American living rooms. We love a tribute here at IgoUgo, so today, if you'll bear with us, we're highlighting two photos in his spirit. Our Photos of the Week are blessed with self-awareness.

The lakes of rural Europe are known for inspiring serenity. At Ujazdowski Park in Poland, you can bask in the reflection of a forest. We're glad you gave us a chance to escape the hustle and bustle, Praskipark.

Photo by tartlette

The English town of Ironbridge is marked by its beautiful canal. On days of clear skies, you can see the town in the water -- and it's easy to forget exactly which end is up. We applaud you for the excellent sightseeing, tartlette.

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Posted by tdbeckwith (Thom Beckwith)


Comment by Toinette on January 6, 2012

Still a great discovery in the 21st c. especially on this Epiphay the strong perfume of a good musk from montreal, quebec, canada, I am Toinette.

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