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Our New Year's Travel Resolutions

Our New Year's Travel Resolutions Photo

Photo by Carmen

Posted on January 2, 2012 in Travel Tips

Quit smoking, exercise more, travel often. As we welcome in 2012 with open arms, it is common for people to make lists of what they want to accomplish in the upcoming year. Resolutions can be general things such as being a kinder person or can be more fine-tuned to meet a specific goal for the year. Some people may simply want to have a better year than the last. We have also made lists as to what we want to make the most of 2012.

Learn more about the culture. While we love a good skyscraper or sightseeing tour, it is the year of being a local, not a tourist.

Photo by btwood1

Pack Less. Nobody wants to be the annoying person whose over-stuffed carry-on doesn’t fit overhead and nobody likes having to carry heavy suitcases anyway.

Photo by Travel Partner

Cook more ethnic cuisine. It is easy to fall into a rut of cooking the same thing or eating out, but learning new food can be the highlight of your year.

Photo by Love2Travel2011

Travel local. Interesting sights may be closer than you think. Small local towns can produce just as much charm as the big city.

Photo by ArnyZona

Learn the language. As a gesture of kindness we want to at least learn a few new phrases in the local tongue.

Photo by Esslinger Brian

Eat better. We might not just be talking about healthier food but more interesting dishes.

Photo by ext212

Appreciate natural beauty. Cityscapes and lights are appealing but what has been around us for ages promise true awe.

Photo by Red Mezz

Relax. Self-explanatory.

Photo by 12CGTV

Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)


Comment by MilwVon on January 3, 2012

Our upcoming 2012 Springtime in Ireland trip could meet all of these resolutions. I especially need to work on packing less and learning the language :)

One travel related resolution not on your list that I am working on specifically for the Ireland trip is trying to not cram so much into a two week itinerary! With my MIL along for that one, I am constantly reminded that I cannot plan on doing a week's worth of consecutive 8-10 hrs days of touring and being on the road.

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