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Guest Post: Packing for a Honeymoon

Guest Post: Packing for a Honeymoon Photo

Photo by catsholiday

Posted on December 12, 2011 in Travel Tips

Planning your honeymoon can either be the BEST part of planning your new life together, or the most frustrating. Adding to the mix travel plans with ongoing wedding plans can put a strain on your bank account and your patience. While most couples decide where they want to honeymoon fairly early, it’s not time to do the packing until the week of the wedding, when most of the major wedding stress has reached an all time high.

It’s important that you’re not leaving packing for a hasty last minute project and get rid of as much stress ahead of time - for both you and your fiance. I suggest you start by making a list. It sounds simple enough, but when your brain is swirling with MANY to-do lists, it can get pretty hairy. I’ve got that part covered for you. Print this list out and keep it with you as a guide for making your own travel checklist. Check out my Honeymoon Packing List

• Shampoo & Conditioner
• Brush or Comb
• Hair Care Products
• Makeup and Beauty Products
• Face Cleanser
• Lotion
• Contact and Eyeglass care
• Sunscreen
• Toothbrush & Toothpaste
• Clear, TSA approved, travel containers
• First Aid Kit
o Prescription Meds
o Pain reliever
o Bandages
o Antihistamines
o Imodium or Tums
• Deodorant
• Travel Hair Dryer
• Travel Curling Iron or Travel Hair Straightener
• Razor & Shaving Cream
• Toiletry Case
• Grooming Kit (Nail File, Scissors, Tweezers, Etc)
• Perfume

• Travel wardrobe
o Tops/shirts
o Bottoms/pants/shorts
o Special Occasion
• Undergarments
• Pajamas
• Socks
• Shoes
• Accessories (purses, jewelry, hats, scarves, etc)
• Sunglasses
• Weather related apparel (depends on your Honeymoon location)
o Beach gear
o Bathing suit
o Winter coat
o Hat, gloves, scarf
o Rain jacket
o Umbrella
o Winter or rain boots

Travel Documents:
• Passport (if needed)
• Tickets (for travel or other attractions)
• Photo ID
• Cash
• Credit or debit cards
• Emergency contact information
• Reservation or confirmation information for hotel, plane, or anything else
• Vaccination Records (if traveling internationally)
• Maps or guides
• Translator (if traveling internationally)

• Cell phone + charger
• Plug adapter - shop for plug adapters by country
• Electric converter - other countries use different electrical currents, if you want to use your hairdryer, laptop or other electronics overseas, you’ll need one!
• Camera,charger, back up memory card (no running out of camera space on your honeymoon!)
• iPod/headphones+ charger

• Reading Material
• Journal (to keep memories from your Honeymoon)

Sarah Thaman, our guest blogger, is a newlywed and wedding planning has been the best time of her life! They honeymooned in Jamaica - Ya Mon! She thoroughly enjoyed taking her husband to a new country for the first time. As a writer for, Sarah enjoys sharing her travel tips with other travel enthusiasts. She is also a fashion blogger, dog lover, girlie-girl, and lover of her hubby!

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