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Statue of Liberty Taking a Break

Statue of Liberty Taking a Break Photo

Photo by Dutchnatasja

Posted on August 17, 2011 in Travel News

On October 28th, 1886, a group of New Yorkers held a formal dedication for the Statue of Liberty, officially welcoming her to the former Bedloe’s Island. They celebrated the event with the first-ever ticker-tape parade.

Though upcoming renovations are due to close the Statue on the 29th -- one day after its 125th birthday -- the National Park Service will keep the island open to the huddled masses. As a tribute, we’re showcasing Liam Hetherington’s review “America’s New Colossus,” which sums up a first-time visit to New York Harbor and the Lady herself.

“As the number of immigrants to America swelled the first thing they would see from their crowded ships would be the torch of Lady Liberty appearing over the horizon. She symbolised in their eyes not an example or an exhortation but rather a welcome. She was the first figure they saw in their new homeland, greeting them with a mother’s embrace. Rather than a symbol of the ties between America and France she became a symbol of American freedom, opportunity and hospitality. America was different - something Lazarus had acknowledged when she declared that this ‘new Colossus’ was Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land to land. She threw the gauntlet down to Europe with a rebuking cry of "Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" Seventeen years after the Statue’s dedication a plaque was installed bearing the text of the Lazarus poem. This can still be seen in the museum inside the statue. This museum explores not only the design and construction of the statue but also its symbolic importance, with examples of how it has been used to stir up patriotism, bind the nation together, and symbolize an ideal.”

Photo by Liam Hetherington

“I thoroughly enjoyed my trip out to see what is most probably the most famous statue in the world. Almost 125 years after her construction Liberty still has the power to awe, to inspire, and -- of course -– to enlighten the world.”

Photo by Raymond longaray

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Posted by Nik’sMom (Terre Grilli)


Comment by Toinette on September 1, 2011

I think it's closing up soon for a year. Do you know for sure. I'm Toinette in the IgoUgo community.


Comment by nik'smomStaff on September 1, 2011

Hi Toinette,
Yes, the interior of the Statue itself will be closed for about a year. Here is part of the announcement from the Statue of Liberty website:
"The Statue of Liberty will remain open through October 28th, 2011. The next day all interior spaces of the Statue of Liberty will close while upgrades are made to the 125 year old pedestal and the 200 year old fort base from which the statue rises. But, don't worry Liberty Island will remain OPEN so a visit should remain part of your travel plans. The work is expected to be completed in approximately one year." (

Terre G.

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