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Bangkok: On Top of the World

Bangkok: On Top of the World Photo

Photo by SeenThat

Posted on August 3, 2011 in Trip Ideas

A recent poll in Travel and Leisure magazine named Bangkok the World’s Best City. Readers from around the world voted on their favorite hotels and restaurants, and even their favorite island. In honor of this distinction, we’re putting the spotlight on Naty_Ellis’s 2010 journal, a catalog of her top things to do in the Thai metropolis.

  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

    “This market will provide you with a unique shopping experience! You will get the chance to make your purchases from boat to boat and you with also be able to brush up your bargaining skills. The intersection of canals when you arrive to the centre of the market brings along infinite photo opportunities. It’s amazing to see how the locals manage to swerve around the high density of boats. What amazed me the most was how colourful the place was!”

  • Grand Palace

    “I had previously read many interesting travellers’ opinions as to what places were a MUST while visiting Bangkok and the Grand Palace was always ranking top places. In my opinion to many travellers, the best way to get there is by boat along the Chao Phraya River. This was definitely a thrilling experience. No traffic congestion and some fascinating views of the city from a different perspective.”

    Photo by pack_light

  • Wat Pho - Temple of the Reclining Buddha

    “If you’re thinking about visiting the Grand Palace or Wat Arun then also plan on visiting Wat Pho, one of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok that houses the famous Reclining Buddha. This temple is a tourist favorite for 2 main reasons: the 15 meter high and 46 meter long reclining Buddha covered up in gold plating and the magnificent Thai traditional massages.”

  • Wat Arun

    “Wat Arun is one of the most well know temples in Bangkok as well as a one of the most popular photographed and published images.”

    Photo by Naty_Ellis

And lastly, for a unique experience, try reading the tale of the “Funniest way to get a foot massage:” “After a while I got used to the feeling and started enjoying the pleasure of this unique and funniest foot massage I have ever experienced!”

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Posted by Nik’sMom (Terre Grilli)

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