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Remembering Frank Lloyd Wright and Fallingwater

Remembering Frank Lloyd Wright and Fallingwater Photo

Photo by dcspencer2003

Posted on June 22, 2011 in Travel News

Frank Lloyd Wright was born Frank Lincoln Wright in Wisconsin. At the University of Wisconsin at Madison, he studied architecture, which paved the way for his first job as a draftsman in Chicago. Over 1,000 designs later, he is, as the American Institute of Architects, recently declared him, “the greatest American architect of all time."

As 2011 marks the 75th birthday of Wright’s Fallingwater --  “the most celebrated house in American history, according to the AIA” -- IgoUgo takes a short tour of the great architect's designs, as seen through the eyes of our members.

Through the preservation efforts of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Fallingwater has been kept open to the public for many years. Available for a visit ten months out of the year, it's “one destination everyone can enjoy and be awed by,” said Laalasa. The attraction's official website describes it as "a house that doesn’t even appear to stand on solid ground, but instead stretches over a 30’ waterfall.” It was built for the Kaufmann family (then owners of Kaufmann’s Department store) in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania.

After admiring Fallingwater, the Hagen family -- friends of the Kaufmanns -- asked Frank Lloyd Wright ro design a house for them as well. He ended up building Kentuck Knob, the “Child of Fallingwater.” Another example of organic architecture, this house was reviewed by kljouden, who said that “the setting is on the mountain with a great view and paths, places to sit and appreciate the view.” It also features a sculpture garden.

Photo by dcspencer2003

Across the country, vampirefan checked off an item on his bucket list by visiting Taliesin West, Wright’s winter home in the Sonoran desert of Arizona, where she attended both the day and evening tours. A huge fan of the architect, she wrote: “I think about the fact that this was Frank’s house, not a home he designed for someone else. This is where he lived, laughed, and where that genius mind of his worked. Having admired he work since I was young, I felt this was a rare privilege indeed.”

Photo by vampirefan

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Posted by Nik’sMom (Terre Grilli)

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