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Photos of the Week: Shore Leave

Photos of the Week: Shore Leave Photo


Posted on April 26, 2011 in Photos

Been near the water lately? Spent a lazy afternoon sipping on daiquiris by the ocean? We thought so. While the cold weather is good for a lot of things -- occasions for family gatherings loaded with shepherd's pie, for example -- a tranquil day on the coast is definitely not one of them. But now that it's warming up, we think it's time to remind you why people go out there in the first place. Our Photos of the Week are happiest near the water.

In the town of Destin, Florida, the Harbor Walk Marina lights up the glimmering shoreline. RAINDROPS captured a candid shot of the boardwalk as the day was shading into night. If we ever get out to Florida, RAINDROPS, we'll know exactly where to go.

Photo by Koshka

In England, the Thames is the winding anchor of Reading, Oxford and London. UK native Koshka took a photo of the river on a warm and sunny afternoon. For proof that Oxford is the best college town in the world, dear reader, her photo is all you need.

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Posted by tdbeckwith (Thomas Beckwith)

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