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Photo by SeenThat

Posted on April 13, 2011 in Food and Drink

Last week, a research study linked coffee consumption with genetics. Maybe that explains the vast number of stories and photos of the “black gold” on IgoUgo. William Harrison Ukers said it best in his book All About Coffee: “Coffee is universal in its appeal. All nations do it homage. It has become recognized as a human necessity.”

From seed to bloom, farm to market and roast to brew, IgoUgo shares our member stories and photos of their coffee encounters.

MilwVon snapped this beautiful close-up of coffee cherries on a coffee tree in Hawaii.

Photo by Milwvon

Member Shady Ady worked on a Costa Rican coffee plantation and learned that “Humans aren't the only species that love and adore coffee. Ants also have the same addiction, building their nests at the base of the coffee bushes.”

In Bangkok, Thailand, SeenThat frequented the local coffee stall and described the Thai version of coffee: “Thais seldom drink it black; usually a thick layer of condensed milk is poured into the cup first and then is followed by the coffee and some water to dilute it down to a drinkable concentration. The coffee is so dark that the milk added in such a way does not have any effect on its color. The result is much thicker than any coffee in the West and tourists drinking it for the first time often compare it to thick chocolate.”

Photo by SeenThat

In “Ethiopian Coffee with a Woman Iman” SkewedStyle describes a family affair where the roasting of the coffee beans was done by the Imam’s daughter while the granddaughter, with mortar and pestle ground the roasted beans. “The first cup of coffee was made from roasted shells. It was a clear light brown, looking more like tea but smelling of coffee.”

Photo by SkewedStyle

And finally, coffee that is suitable for framing.

Photo by KatyRae

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Posted by Nik’sMom (Terre Grilli)

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