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Traveler of the Week Visits Alaska in Winter

Traveler of the Week Visits Alaska in Winter Photo

Photo by AmandaGal

Posted on March 25, 2011 in Traveler of the Week

Okay, it’s official. We're in love with Alaska. Apart from the fact that our last two Travelers of the Week were veterans of the Great White North, it’s obvious, in retrospect, that photos of Alaska have given us more pleasure than photos of any other state. The crystalline scenery and undisturbed wilderness are proof that paradise isn't necessarily balmy. Just ask AmandaGal, whose journal “Alaska in Winter” paints a picture of the state in the off-season.

Of the World Ice Art Championship, which happens to be exactly what it sounds like, she writes: “The ice park was more awesome in person than photos or videos can ever show. The sculptures are so detailed and intricate and some of the single block sculptures really made me scratch my head. How did they make that with one block? There really were artists from everywhere represented.”

In Denali, our traveler found a gaudy attraction that capitalized on the freezing climate. The Santa Claus House includes a comprehensive collection of holiday ornaments, along with multiple photo opportunities and a stable of real-life reindeer. Of the gift shop, she says: “Anything Christmas you want to buy, it is here! There are photo opportunities inside and outside, ornaments, decorations, and clothing for sale. You can even have your Santa letters mailed to the kids!”

If you're looking to tackle the coldest place in the country, go take a look at her journal. Trust us.

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Posted by tdbeckwith (Thomas Beckwith)


Comment by MilwVon on March 26, 2011

Alaska in the winter . . . what's not to like! It's one of my favorite vacation destinations any time of the year.


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