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Celebrate Easter with Rockets

Celebrate Easter with Rockets Photo

Photo by ak1

Posted on March 24, 2011 in Trip Ideas

We know, we know, it’s still a few weeks until Easter. But going on vacation requires a few weeks of prep work, so you may as well find out now where to go for a killer festival. While your friends gear up for boring old egg hunts, you could be watching sky-high explosions, massive parades, or even a march of penitents. Trust us -- a trip to any of these places will leave you hopping with joy.

First off, try Florence, the Italian city whose yearly “Explosion of the Cart” involves aiming rockets at a flammable -- you guessed it -- oxcart. Don’t worry about safety, as the city keeps the fire department on hand to make sure you don’t burst into flames. Pyromaniacs and thrill-seekers alike should watch out for spiritual awakenings.

Photo by airynfaerie

The much more peaceful citizens of Guatemala prefer to cover the streets with patterns of colored sand. Fionademp took photos of a few of these walkable murals. For parades, try Antigua, where large crowds turn up to see the Stations of the Cross.

Photo by Fionademp

Finally, you can head on down to Australia for the two-week (!) Royal Easter Show. Lasting from April Fool’s Day to the 14th, it features amusement park rides for kids, parades of all stripes, and a wood-chopping competition to sate your inner lumberjack. No word on whether the wallaby can replace the common rabbit.

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Posted by tdbeckwith (Thomas Beckwith)

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