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Photos of the Week: Head in the Clouds

Photos of the Week: Head in the Clouds Photo

Photo by MichaelJM

Posted on March 1, 2011 in Photos

In New York, they say you can pick out a tourist by the way his eyes are facing. Catch him looking up as he wanders around Manhattan -- or so the saying goes -- and you'll know for a fact he's not from the city. But that seems a little reductive. There are any number of reasons why a person might check out the weather, and most have nothing to do with inexperience or boredom. A couple of our photographers made light of that fact with shots from their recent adventures. Our Photos of the Week are busy craning their necks.

Placenames like Big Sky in Montana make clear there's a lot to be seen in the open country. When MichaelJM found a sea lion on the Galapagos Islands, he snapped a photo as the animal was peering at the heavens. We're guessing, judging from the the photo, that it liked whatever it saw.

The Co-Cathedral in Malta has three different clocks that combine to tell the time. When the sun begins to set in the winter, you can see a blocky shadow creeping over their faces, as Liam Hetherington illustrated for us in a very well-timed photo. Checking the time never looked so appealing, Liam.

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Posted by tdbeckwith (Thomas Beckwith)

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