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Because you can't spend all day every day journeying around IgoUgo, editors round up the highlights: members' notable trips, newest reviews, favorite destinations, contests, and more. Have a question or idea? Let us know!

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A Welcome To Our New Members

A Welcome To Our New Members Photo

Photo by talkingbreakfast

Posted on February 23, 2011 in Photos

From time to time, we like to welcome our new members into the fold. Like these four:

Brand-new member dbsovereign's journal, "A Week in Seoul" is underway. He describes a slice of life in the city, with a meandering trip to the grocery section of a department store "hidden inside a labyrinth of car garages."

Photo by dbsovereign

Talkingbreakfast is spending 3 months in Tokyo and began his journal visiting the Edo-Tokyo Museum. He highly recommends a visit as "history and cultural buffs will love it" and declares it "one of the finest museums I've ever visited."

Photo by Talkingbreakfast

New member StephenMU19 loves to travel the southern states. His wanderings are taking him across the South and Midwest as he reviews a Des Moines BBQ spot featured on Travel Channel's "Man vs. Food," a country club in Boca Raton, and a Saturday pool party in Miami Beach.

Photo by StephenMU19

With trips to Antigua, Montserrat, San Juan and St. Lucia, just to name a few, Jodeci527 shares her adventures in the sun and surf. In "The Beach is Certainly the Beginning,” which could very well become our complete guide to Antigua's beaches, she wrote: "There are four beaches which are close to my heart. They are located quite far from one another, and each possesses a distinct charm which lures me to their shores." As there are 365 public beaches in Antigua, these four are a good place to start.

Photo by Jodeci527

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Posted by Nik’sMom (Terre Grilli)


Comment by Jodeci527 on February 23, 2011

Thanks for the welcome! :)


Comment by MichaelJM on February 25, 2011

Pleased to be Jodeci527's first IGOUGO friend. Long may you and the other new members enjoy the IGOUGO network

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