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Celebrate Valentine’s with Gifts and Discounts

Celebrate Valentine’s with Gifts and Discounts Photo

Photo by LorenGul

Posted on February 14, 2011 in Trip Ideas

Happy Valentine's! Lest we let anyone get too jealous and fight over us, we thought we’d tell you about some cool gifts and solid discounts you might be able to give to your significant other. And if you’re single, well, keep everything for yourself, right?

  • Jauntsetter is running a giveaway where subscribers to their newsletter can win five (!) nights at a Tuscan Vineyard, complete with a private wine and cheese tasting.
  • If you’ve got the scratch, this incredible Tuscan Villa is going for half-price, and works out to $160 per bedroom per night.
  • And if Valentine’s is giving you trouble, check out this “Get Out of the Doghouse” package from the Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa, which includes one night in a penthouse suite, dinner, spa treatments and flowers. The promo code? UDIRTYDOG. And it’s valid through April 30th, in case you forgot about Valentine’s Day. Again.

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Posted by alexanderbasek (Alexander Basek)

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