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Photos of the Week: Picture and Anti-picture

Photos of the Week: Picture and Anti-picture Photo

Photo by Anannya

Posted on February 2, 2011 in Photos

We shouldn’t be trite and say opposites attract, but we should say that great differences make the world a great deal more interesting. Unless we’re talking about matter and antimatter -- which, when brought into contact, explode -- pairings of two things with nothing in common are excellent vehicles for exposing the sheer breadth of things. With that in mind, we’ve chosen two photographs this week that may as well have been taken on different planets. Our Photos of the Week are a multiplicity of views.

The town of Tamil Nadu, in India, is home to Hogennakal Falls. Native of Mumbai Anannya took a shot of the waters near the shores of the nearby lake. Judging by the number of passengers floating in the boat to the left, we're guessing the natives are well aware of its beauty.

Photo by Jipp05

Ever been to the Swedish royal palace? Jipp05 has, and his photos of the massive courtyard make clear its opulence and grandeur. It’s about as different from Hogennakal as a place can get, but taken together, the two can give us a sense of just how massive the world is. Kudos to both of you, travelers.

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Posted by tdbeckwith (Thomas Beckwith)


Comment by koshkha on February 3, 2011

Great picture - I've seen corracles like that in Hampi where they use them to cross the river - seriously scary transportation. Just one correction though, Tamil Nadu is a state, not a town.


Comment by alexanderbasek on February 4, 2011

Cool, thanks for the kind words and the correction!

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