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The Honeymooners & The Wander Lusters

The Honeymooners & The Wander Lusters Photo

Photo by Seaotter71

Posted on July 26, 2007 in Travel News

Is travel a relationship’s best friend or fiercest foe? Two surveys draw different conclusions, so you can choose to believe the one that best reflects your own love affair with globe-trotting—or your globe-trotting love affair.

Booking site reports that 79% of 4,000 survey respondents return from trips more in love with their partners than when they left. Germans and Italians are the biggest romantics, with nearly all of them falling deeper in love while traveling. Americans aren’t too far behind: 75% of US couples strengthen their relationships away from home. Interestingly, the same survey finds that almost 18% of travelers routinely forget to pack their pajamas. We think this may explain all the romance.

ZUJI, on the other hand, polled over 1,000 Australian travelers on relationship road rules, and their survey shows that Aussies are lovin’ and leavin’ all over the globe, regardless of marital status. Sixty-six percent of men and 55% of women say they would consider an “extracurricular” affair while traveling, the vast majority admit to being on the prowl abroad, and in-flight flirting is the favorite gateway to the holiday fling.

So which survey holds true? Do you travel to rekindle a spark with your partner or to see who else is out there?

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