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Poll: How Do You Plan to Celebrate Super Sunday?

Poll: How Do You Plan to Celebrate Super Sunday? Photo

Photo by fromchicago

Posted on January 13, 2011 in Trip Ideas

Posted by alexanderbasek (Alexander Basek)

Comment by JoeD on January 14, 2011

How about "None of the above"? I will not be "celebrating" Super Sunday at all.

Wildcat Dianne

Comment by Wildcat Dianne on January 14, 2011

I am going to watch the game at my sister's house on her 52" flat screen TV. My Patriots might be in the big game, so it will be a holiday in my house if they do make it to the Super Bowl again this year. We make up a feast of chicken wings, taco dip and last year, it was tacos, but I don't know what my sister will have up her sleeve for goodies on her side. We will pig out and watch the game and hope for a Patriots victory!


Comment by MilwVon on January 14, 2011

How about, this response makes no sense . . . "I'll travel to the city where one of the teams is playing and watch there."

I think you meant to say "I'll travel to a city from which one of the teams playing is from; and watch there."

For me, my "choice" isn't there either . . . home here at Casa Bennett with my family. I know, that doesn't support the travel industry. I was in New Orleans last year the weekend of the Super Bowl, ironically for work. It was an amazing vibe throughout their city! "Who Dat" nation was loud and strong.


Comment by alexanderbasek on January 17, 2011

Fixed my grammar!

Home is a nice option, but we were wondering what the people traveling intended to do. We know the vast majority of the viewers are comfortably ensconced on the couch. :)

Alexander Basek
Lead Editor,

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