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Traveler of the Week on Sacred Ground in Liverpool

Traveler of the Week on Sacred Ground in Liverpool Photo

Photo by MichaelJM

Posted on December 3, 2010 in Traveler of the Week

Our Traveler of the Week, a dedicated Stones fan, admits that he has, over the decades, “warmed to the music of the Beatles.” And so as we remember John Lennon near the 30th anniversary of his death, December 8, we thought it was timely that MichaelJM shared his Liverpool journey with us in A centre of worship - Church, Football and The Beatles.

His review of the Cavern District brings to mind the excitement of Liverpool in the 60s (and for folks headed there in the 2010s, includes adequate coverage of the current pub scene). The Beatles Story Museum and the Julian and Cynthia Lennon collection known as “White Feather: The Spirit of Lennon” brought him “back to those halcyon days when pop and rock was emerging in the UK.” Viewing the Eleanor Rigby Statue that is dedicated to “all the lonely people," MichaelJM comments that “it’s amazing how a statue can summon up all those raw human emotions, but it does.” Rounding out his tour, as the journal title indicates, he made pilgrimages to houses of worship--two cathedrals and the home of the Liverpool Football Club.

Here at IgoUgo, MichaelJM is best known for the thousands of great photos--especially of churches and cathedrals throughout England--that he shares with the community. One of them is part of IgoUgo’s upcoming photo tribute to John Lennon!

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Posted by Daytrippin (Terre Grilli)

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