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IgoUgo Members Are Thankful For…

IgoUgo Members Are Thankful For… Photo

Photo by SFPhotocraft

Posted on November 24, 2010 in Trip Ideas

We just have to get a bit cheesy and say it: we’ve loved hearing what our IgoUgo family was grateful for, all throughout the year (after all, great travel adventures beget great journals, stories and tips for all to enjoy!) So in the spirit of the holidays, we’ve compiled a few of the positive experiences our members were moved to write about this year -- everything from above-and-beyond service to fantastic travel. What are you giving thanks for this year?

  • The adorably named grannyjean gave thanks this year for a weekend spent at the Carriage House in Provincetown, Massachussetts, a gift from her granddaughter in honor of her 80th birthday (congrats!). Her five-star review called out the manager for going above and beyond by driving her to a restaurant in heavy rain, and named the hot tub her “favorite part.”

  • Despite torrential rain, traveler akakd called his February 2010 trip to Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica “one awesome, never-to-be-forgotten experience, a lasting memory, cherished. (And his packed-at-the-last-minute windbreaker turned out to be a true essential he was grateful for, too!)

  • IgoUgo member BawBaw had an incredible experience this year during her first-ever, life-changing trip to Israel, saying “the wonder of Israel was my constant companion,” and noting that some of her fellow travelers even, upon reaching the tarmac, “fell on their knees and kissed the ground. The thick layer of asphalt didn't matter -- it was still holy ground.”

  • Even though an out-of-date guidebook cost traveler Liam Hetherington a ticket into the Statue of Liberty during his first-ever visit to New York City, he was thankful for an understanding guard, who scrawled ‘okay for 2’ on his ‘No Monument Access’ ticket -- directing him and his companion inside without a second thought to bending the rules. (Proving that not all New Yorkers are hardened or indifferent!)

  • Roadtripper lilymidday was trapped in a blizzard early this year, and luckily stumbled across a hotel with a store in it -- allowing her to be able to cook the gluten-free meals she needed. As a bonus, the manager helped her dig her car out of the snow. As always, kindness counts!

Happy holidays!

Posted by SpecialK3883 (Kelly L. Phillips)

Liam Hetherington

Comment by Liam Hetherington on November 24, 2010

I should maybe state for the record that the Liberty Island ranger in question hailed from a state far to the south of NYC - won't say which as the last thing I want to do is get them into trouble!

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