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Photos of the Week: A Cold Snap

Photos of the Week: A Cold Snap Photo

Photo by aboutthatplace

Posted on November 9, 2010 in Photos

Sick of the dreary view from your office? IgoUgo members aboutthatplace and callen60 certainly were, which is why they traveled the world to find the best sights this freezing autumn has to offer. While they may have taken their cameras to opposite sides of the country, their newest photos prove that they approached their subjects with the same sensibility. Our Photos of the Week are crisper than reddened leaves.

When Santa Fe native aboutthatplace visited New York City, he knew he couldn’t leave without a shot of Central Park. His photo, taken off the shore of a curving lake, focuses on the kind of bright orange tree more typical of a New England forest. The empty dock hints at the peacefulness of the scene.

Photo by callen60

For callen60, the big city didn’t have the particular vista he was looking for. He snapped a shot of the snow-covered Grand Canyon, leaving us with a striking contrast between the desert plains and the frosted hills in the foreground. Maybe next time he can find us an iced-over cactus.

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Posted by tdbeckwith (Thomas Beckwith)

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