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Photos of the Week: Animals on Parade

Photos of the Week: Animals on Parade Photo

Photo by Cindy Grant

Posted on October 26, 2010 in Photos

Like most travelers, IgoUgo members Cindy Grant and Zhebiton have a soft spot for animals. They wouldn’t miss an opportunity to snap a decent wildlife shot, especially not if the creatures in question (or creature look-alikes) are exotic or a little unusual. That’s why, despite taking their pictures on two different continents, they delivered equally cute pictures for IgoUgo to fawn over. These Photos of the Week are an exercise in saying “aww.”

When Cindy Grant spotted a penguin nestled between two boulders in Richmond, she knew it was a moment too perfect to last. She captured the penguin just as it was leaning forward to examine the stone ground below. Notice how she lined up parallel rock faces with the top and bottom borders of the frame.

Photo by Zhebiton

In Belgium, there’s a city that hosts the world’s largest garden dedicated to sculptured shrubbery. Fortunately for us, the intrepid Zhebiton was on the case, wandering around the garden on a quest for the finest of specimens. She took a photo of three animal shrubs--two dogs and a cat--with distinctly odd sizes relative to the others. She also managed to squeeze a quartet of squirrels in the not-too-distant background.

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Posted by tdbeckwith (Thomas Beckwith)

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