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Traveler of the Week Makes the Most of India

Traveler of the Week Makes the Most of India Photo

Photo by koshkha

Posted on October 15, 2010 in Traveler of the Week

The best travel writing is often by someone who is passionate about the places she visits. From her extensive journals and great photos, it’s obvious that our Traveler of the Week is passionate about India. Some of koshkha’s most recent journals about the subcontinent--there are many--recount the time she and her husband spent in Bangalore and Hampi last November.

While she claims Bangalore itself was less than thrilling, her journals describing their time there are definitely interesting--especially as the first one opens with tips on how not to get ripped off and includes an account of two days of spent touring with the same taxi driver. The second includes reviews of two spots they visited: La Bagh Botanical Gardens and the Tipus Summer Palace, and both certainly seem worth a trip--if you're already in the area.

Early Morning by the River

Hampi, in northern Karnataka, was more happening and “a slightly more hard-core tourist destination that's only for those determined to get there and willing to go out of their way.” There, they stayed at the Mowgli Guest House. The accommodations were not five star, but the view of the river and surrounding area was: “The room is not too special but this just might be the most peaceful and beautiful view in the whole of Hampi.” And that is saying a lot.

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Posted by eyesoftheworld (Anna Welch)

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