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Photos of the Week: A Little History

Photos of the Week: A Little History Photo

Photo by Hishyeness

Posted on September 22, 2010 in Photos

If photographers wrote proverbs, they’d probably tell you that great eyes see alike. That explains why two of our members took beautiful (and similar) shots of two beautiful (but very different) historical buildings recently, one in Armenia and one in Rome. Our Photos of the Week are case studies in wonder.

While traveling through Armenia, UK native Hishyeness went to the site of the now-in-ruins Zvartnots temple. He snapped a shot of two reconstructed arches that make clear how grand the whole complex must have been in its heyday. Photography buffs, take note: the columns in the center are textbook examples of good framing.

Ever been to Rome? Member Meggysmum has, and she’s got the Colosseum photos to prove it. By waiting until the sun was right behind the outer walls before taking the shot, she gave the band of apertures in the center a bright, alabaster glow. Looks like someone found the lux of the Roman Empire.

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