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Traveler of the Week Returns to Hayastan

Traveler of the Week Returns to Hayastan Photo

Photo by Hishyeness

Posted on September 10, 2010 in Traveler of the Week

Isn’t there a saying that traveling is just a way to find one’s way back home? If so, it definitely applies to our Traveler of the Week’s trip to Armenia, for the first time in 23 years. Hishyeness recounts his return in Rediscovering my Armenian Roots, an informative, inspiring, and exceptionally thorough journal. It's obvious that he would indeed sell his shorts (read about that here) for Hayastan, as Armenia is know by Armenians.

During his trip, the state of the country he hadn't seen in decades filled him with both inspiration and fear. The story To Have or Have Not details the poverty and corruption present throughout Armenia and explains “the other side of Armenia that the tourist board would rather you not see,” but which is “almost impossible to avoid for all except the most myopic traveller.” The trip was full of bright spots, too, like the kind offer of a ride to the Sanahin Monastery on treacherous roads and a mostly comical mix up between diesel fuel and unleaded petrol.

In his review of the Monastery of Geghard, he writes that “Armenia is often referred to, justifiably, as an open air museum,” and after checking out his photos--like the one featured above--we can see why. His review of the capital Yerevan is thorough enough to be published as a standalone guide, as it includes suggestions about when to go (not in the winter!), what’s to eat, must-sees, and how to get around (not by bus!).

Hishyeness affirms that “in Armenia, the more impoverished the wallet, the more wealthy the heart and soul. Perhaps there is hope for my homeland yet.” We agree that there is.

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Posted by eyesoftheworld (Anna Welch)


Comment by Praskipark on September 13, 2010

Great journal and photos - you have really captured your homeland.

Wildcat Dianne

Comment by Wildcat Dianne on September 14, 2010

Loved the journal and photos from your homecoming. You had a very fun and educational time in Armenia!


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