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Cold Comfort: The World’s Best Ice Hotels

Cold Comfort: The World’s Best Ice Hotels Photo

Photo by jg_heidelberg

Posted on September 9, 2010 in Hotels

On first hearing, an ice hotel--yes, a hotel made out of ice--sounds more like a stunt for an ice sculpture art show than it does a novel place to crash. But it’s real--and a few of our travelers at IgoUgo know just where to go to get the most out of a frigid vacation. Here are some of the comfiest places to chill (not shiver) through the night.

Ice Hotel (L’Hotel de Glace) in Quebec City, Canada
This popular hotel offers visitors two bars--one of which serves only Absolut vodka--and a chapel for frozen prayers and weddings. For $100, you can get a room with a fireplace, which mysteriously--and thankfully--won’t melt the hearth. For those that doubt the comfort of a bed made out of ice, bighilda says sleeping was not nearly as cold as she thought it would be, and she counts her stay as an experience she’ll never forget.

ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden
With rooms like “caves in a glacier,” the world’s largest ice hotel lets you sleep on reindeer-hide sheets and watch artists carve ice sculptures in the courtyard. Echoing bighilda’s comment, wa wa writes in her Ice Hotel journal that her stay was “an experience of a lifetime.” To top it off, a visit there is also a good excuse to see one of the most interesting (and remote) areas in Europe, the Lapland.

Nordic Sea Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden
While the Nordic Sea isn’t an ice hotel, it definitely warrants mention here because it houses the famous Absolut Ice Bar. The bouncers provide silver ponchos to all guests upon arrival, and the first drink--a vodka cocktail, say--is complimentary. That gesture must warm visitors' hearts, if not their freezing toes!

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