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Six Europe Trips That Are Best in September

Six Europe Trips That Are Best in September Photo

Photo by captain oddsocks

Posted on August 26, 2010 in Trip Ideas

September is stellar across the whole of Europe: crowds thin out, prices dip, and attractions and festivals are at their best. Here are six places where IgoUgo members recommend reveling in the season across the Atlantic.

Not only does London host Open House in mid-September--“the best way to get past bolted doors” to see some of the city’s most stunning architecture--but August and September mark the one period each year when Buckingham Palace’s state rooms are open to the public. After your indoor tours, make a stop at Kensington Gardens, where “even in late September the gardens are absolutely gorgeous.”

Czech Republic
Prague shines in fall (when doesn’t it, really?), with “blue skies and trees of golden brown and red.” To the east in Moravia and Olomouc, there are fesivals galore, including the Marshall Radecky Celebrations pictured above.

What do you know about Gibraltarians? Learn about the territory’s history and culture at its National Day on September 10, when “the entire population decks itself out in red and white, the national colors, and takes to the streets for a day of fun with music, food, and drink.” September is also a great time to visit Gibraltar’s neighbors Spain and Morocco.

In September, follow the Chianti Road to the Chianti harvest festival in Greve; taste “every type of Chianti available” while enjoying the picturesque town and views.

Oktoberfest arrives in Munich this September 18, along with the world’s most dedicated revelers. They’ll be on hand until October 4, when Munich will resume its more typical conviviality.

Skip the Greek Islands this time--in mid-September, storms roll in and island ferries roll back their schedules--to explore Athens. The weather is much milder than in summer, the crowds are thinner, and the prices are better. The city, however, is as captivating as ever.

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Comment by hollywalton13 on September 17, 2010

You might want to travel in the south of Europe (France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal) for the most photogenic surrounding and the best chance of good weather.
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